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265 / 2021



Quote of the day

"Conservation is a state of harmony between man and land."

- Aldo Leopold

If you thought Friendship Day is meant only for celebrating with one of our own species, I would say think again. Just look at these pictures shot at the famous Karanji Lake at Mysore, which has India’s largest walk through aviary, managed by the zoo authorities. They say it all. The peacocks there are so friendly and ever ready to show off their plumage that they seem to be waiting for you to stand next to them and click. I felt they were walking down a fashion ramp oblivious to who was watching them. They didn’t care a damn if there were people or not, if there was a jury or not, if there was applause or not. They just seemed to be in their present moment, enjoying and entertaining.

Unlike caged zoos where the birds have restricted places, Karanji Lake Aviary is a vastly spread bio-diversity park in the heart of the city where birds fly around with freedom and gay abandon. The staff are as friendly and welcoming as the flying inmates. I couldn’t believe when I could stand very, very close to a peacock and capture his glorious feathers as he turned around and gave a 360 degree panoramic view. The environment is so pleasant and open that the birds do not fly away in fear or anxiety at the sight of a visitor. Instead they ‘perform’ so to say, joyously and willingly. They pose so attractively that any top model could be put to shame. It was incredible to see our avian friends ‘chatting and cooing’ at each other even as the tall bamboo trees swayed and sashayed and made soothing ssshhh sounds as we walked along the neatly maintained pathways that hardly had any visitors. It was almost like being one with nature, one with oneself, in a state of ‘nirvana’ amidst the diverse plants, trees and birds. This is a must see place which has some rare botanical species, a mesmerising expanse of lake, quiet and serene and an exciting range of orchids. No jostling crowds, no shooing security guards nor disgruntled staff. Karanji lake beckons you like a bosom friend in whose embrace you can forget all your woes and illnesses – an idyllic getaway which continues to remind why Nature is man’s Best Friend ! Just that the reverse is not true !!

After a Sunday well spent, it took me a while to come back to the world of rules and regulations and check on the changes that took place over the fortnight. A rather short round up of regulatory updates in this 265th issue of Samhita along with some conversational tips under our Let’s Excel in English column. For any previous issues of Samhita and the readers’ feedback, please visit https://sharadasc.com/resource-center/.

Happy Reading,

S.C. Sharada

Tip 1:

Power vocabulary for greetings:

1. Nice to meet you
2. Pleasure to meet you
3. Great to meet you
4. Honoured to meet you (Can be used when you meet some famous and respected personalities you admire a lot)

Did any of you just happen to read those phrases with a boring, sad, or expressionless tone? If so, please do say those phrases again with high energy and enthusiasm.

How you say it would always matter especially in English -
Tone and intonation are important elements of speaking.

Tip 2:

Have you ever come across someone who said, "I need to verify you with a security question" when you tried to unlock your Email account or when you approached any customer support teams? and felt something was wrong with the language.

A simple way to correct it is to say
"I need to verify your identity with a security question"

Tip 3:

Festivals are celebrated. We can say "We have a day off as we are celebrating Diwali tomorrow" but some days are not celebrated, instead 'observed'

"Martyrs day was observed recently"

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Reminders for Payments & Returns

Regulatory Updates

MCA Updates

Rectification of name of Company – No more fine for default

The Companies Amendment Act, 2020, introduced following changes to Section 16 (Rectification of name of Company) of Companies Act, 2013:

  • Within a period of 3 months (as against 6 months earlier) from issue of direction by Central Government (CG) against an application made by proprietor of a Trademark stating that the name of the company is identical or too nearly resembles an existing trademark, the company is required to change its name.

  • Applicability of fine on the company and officer in default in case of any non-compliance to the above mentioned requirement shall be removed and substituted by the clause stating that in case of default the CG shall allot a new name to the company and the company shall be registered in such name and a fresh Certificate of Incorporation shall be issued with the new name allotted by the CG.

Vide Notification dated 22.07.2021, MCA has declared 01.09.2021 as the date on which above mentioned amendments shall come into force.

Open Notification No. S.O. 2904(E) dtd. 22.07.2021

New name allotted by CG – Default u/s 16

MCA has notified vide Notification dated 22.07.2021 that w.e.f. 01.09.2021, a company which fails to change its name within a period of 3 months from issue of CG order directing the Company to do so, the CG shall allot a new name to the Company.

The name so allotted shall be the letters “ORDNC” (which is an abbreviation of the words “Order of Regional Director Not Complied”), the year of passing of the direction, the serial number and the existing Corporate Identity Number (CIN) of the company. The company is required to mention the words “Order of Regional Director Not Complied (under section 16 of the Companies Act, 2013)” in brackets below the name of company, wherever its name is printed, affixed or engraved.

Open Notification No. 503(E) dtd. 22.07.2021

SEBI Updates

Extension of time AGM – top 1000 listed entities

Pursuant to SEBI LODR top 1000 listed entities based on their market capitalisation are required to hold their AGM within 5 months from the end of the Financial Year.

Considering the representations received from ICSI and the listed entities, SEBI vide Circular dated 23.07.2021 has given an extension of 1 month allowing top 1000 listed entities by market capitalisation to hold their AGM within 6 months of end of the FY, as against 5 months.

Open Circular No. SEBI/HO/CFD/CMD1/P/CIR/2021/602 dtd. 23.07.2021

IBBI Updates

Monetary Penalty to be credited to Fund

IBBI vide notification 22.07.2021 has instructed Insolvency Professional Agencies to credit the monetary penalty levied by the Disciplinary Committee promptly into a Fund constituted under Section 222 of the Code.

Earlier the amount was to be credited into a Fund constituted under Section 224 of the Code.

Open Circular No. IBBI/2021-22/GN/REG076 dtd. 22.07.2021

Amendments to IP Regulations

IBBI vide notification dated 22.07.2021 notified the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Insolvency Professionals) (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2021. Key highlights of the Amendments are:

  • Qualification: Bachelors in Law and full time P.G.Diploma in management included as part of eligibility qualification and experience

  • Registration as an Insolvency Professional for a Limited Period – Omitted

  • IP not to have more than 10 assignments as Resolution Professional in CIRP, of which not more than 3 shall have admitted claims exceeding 1000 Crore rupees each.

  • Criteria for Registration of IPAs i.e. majority equity shareholding by IPs who are it’s director and the stipulated networth of not less than 1crore, to be complied with by 30.12.2021.

    • Board to acknowledge application within 7 days

    • Board to approve application within 60 days or seek for further documents within 30 days

Open Circular No. No. IBBI/2021-22/GN/REG077 dtd. 22.07.2021

IT Updates

Relaxation in filing of forms 15CA & 15CB

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) vide Press Release dtd. 20th July, 2021, has granted relaxation in filing of forms 15CA & 15CB in view of the difficulties faced by the taxpayers in filing the said forms on the new Income Tax portal.

Taxpayers are required to submit form 15CA, along with Certificate of a CA in form 15CB (wherever applicable) on the e-filing portal, before submitting a copy to the Authorized Dealer (AD) for any foreign remittance.

Relaxation: The taxpayers can submit the aforesaid forms in manual format to the AD till 15th August, 2021 (earlier it was extended up to 15th July, 2021). Further, it has also been clarified by CBDT that a facility will be provided on the new e-filing portal to upload these forms at a later date for the purpose of generating Document Identification Number.

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